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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I'm with you there, but remember when they did make the playoffs in 2008 after winning a title 3 years earlier, the jist was making the playoffs isn't good enough.
There's a difference between making the playoffs and "making" the playoffs. The 2008 Sox won the Central because they were the least mediocre team in a woefully awful division that year. Everybody was aware of this and they were promptly bounced by a much better Tampa Bay team. I think people can forgive early playoff exits when you're the better team that just loses in a heart-wrenching way. Nobody considers the Nats' 98-win season last year a "fluke," even if they couldn't get out of the NLDS, but that's just because they got ****ed by the stupid 5-game series setup. But when you need an extra game just to get to 89 wins, that's not the sign of a great team, just the luckiest of the bunch.

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