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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I'm with you there, but remember when they did make the playoffs in 2008 after winning a title 3 years earlier, the jist was making the playoffs isn't good enough.

In fact, I remember reading comments on some White Sox message board, I can't remember which, and the conversation was about the Braves making it 15 years in a row. The majority of the posters said the Braves won only once, just making the playoffs gets old.
This is true if a team is fortunate enough to have a run like this. The Yankees experienced a similar situation. The Sox have never had a run of success that even approaches what the Braves accomplished. People would likely tire of just reaching the playoffs if the Sox couldn't close the deal, but as they've never reached that point to begin with (making the playoffs in consecutive seasons), just about anything would be a significant improvement over winning once every five years.
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