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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
You guys are being a little rough on CQ. Grienke is a punk and has been asking for it for years. Grienke can throw up and in to Carlos as much as he wants and Carlos is basically defenseless. I am glad Carlos stood up for himself.
Throwing up and in is not against the rules. Purposely hitting someone in the head would be. Hard to prove that, but suspensions exist for perception.

What Carlos did was break the rules without a doubt. And I don't care if Greinke called his mother a name, Carlos is 100% the instigator. The pitch was mid level and rode in just enough for someone WANTING to be hit to get hit. After that he walked DIRECTLY TOWARD GREINKE. Of course Greinke is going to say something. If I giant guy was walking at me with a bat, I'd say something too. But charging with the purpose of harming another is inexcusable. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think players that do that should play baseball. I'd suspend him for the year, and have them reapply next season after anger management. Bet the brawls would stop real quick after that. Or at least charging the mound would damn sure mean the guy was really after you. Without real penalties, situations like this where a guy simply doesn't like another guy is going to lead to serious injury.

Originally Posted by happydude View Post
Good for Carlos. Generally, guys should charge the mound more. And throw some punches when they get out there instead of all the pathetic wrestling and pushing and shoving they usually do. The threat of a beating is a far bigger deterrent than a suspension with the money these guys make. At least we'd then know who's really ready to stand firm behind the "unwritten rules".

And, yes, I'm aware that maybe in this instance Greinke wasn't throwing at him. If that's the case, given the history between those two he may have considered being a little conciliatory and letting CQ know it was unintentional. At some point enough is enough...
This is pretty damn classless.
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