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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
You guys are being a little rough on CQ. Grienke is a punk and has been asking for it for years. Grienke can throw up and in to Carlos as much as he wants and Carlos is basically defenseless. I am glad Carlos stood up for himself.
But he wasn't throwing at him, at least not during last night's game. Greinke was nursing a one-run lead, and Quentin had worked the count full. Why would Greinke concede the potential tying run by throwing at Carlos and putting him on first base? It's bad baseball, and makes absolutely no sense, even knowing the history between these two men.

Furthermore, Quentin himself said that he wasn't as upset about being hit as he was about something Greinke (now allegedly) said to him, even going so far as to say that he may not have charged the mound had Greinke said nothing. I've posted his comments below, but you can read an entire article about the altercation here.

Originally Posted by Carlos Quentin
When Quentin was hit, he took a few steps forward and glared at Greinke, who appeared to say something to him.

"That was the final straw," Quentin said.

So Quentin wouldn't have charged the mound if Greinke hadnít said anything?

"There's a chance I don't," he said.
Quentin later told reporters that he didn't even know what Greinke said to him. As others have suggested, he may be following one of sports' unwritten rules about not sharing sensitive information with the media, but if he's actually being honest and doesn't know what Greinke said (if he said anything), it makes absolutely no sense that he would charge the mound in response to Grenke's comments if he didn't know what they were. Carlos isn't helping his case by giving (seemingly) contradictory reasons for his behavior. The smart thing to do would be to shut the **** up, but Quentin doesn't appear to be that smart, Stanford education or otherwise.
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