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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
That's clearly the main problem.

We can talk about the offense until we are blue in the face. It is what it is. This is a power-hitting team. When they are hitting balls off the wall and over the wall, they will score runs. When they aren't doing that, they will scuffle. You can wish for it to change all you want, but it won't. That's what this group of hitters does.

The Sox scored seven runs the first game of this series. That's more than enough to win. They lost. They scored four runs tonight. That's enough to win if you pitch well. The Sox did not pitch well.

As a matter of fact, all three starters the Sox sent to the mound in this series sucked out loud. The bullpen wasn't great either. The Sox did a lot of things wrong on the pitching-and-defense side in this series. Bad pitches in the middle of the plate, walks and HBPs at bad times, wild pitches, errant pick-off throws, allowing the opposing pitcher to reach base, etc.

Just a bad series and it starts with bad starting pitching. That's a far greater concern to me than anything that's going on offensively. I'm hardly surprised to see the Sox struggling with RISP. They have stretches like this every year. You can overcome it if you pitch good.

And, BTW, is it safe for us Tyler Flowers skeptics to come out now? He had a nice opening series, but I still think he has too many holes in that swing to be an everyday player.
You definitely have a point about our pitching - both starters and the pen let us down.

But look at the other side of the field, that Nats team has a quality lineup, and it makes matters worse when we're giving away outs left and right.

Agree, we do have a power hitting team, but good pitching can dry up that power and you need to find other ways to win, like going the other way on inside pitches to get a run in, and being smart at the plate in other ways that this group can't seem to be able to do.

Hopefully Cleveland will be good for what ails us.
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