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Originally Posted by SoxFan49 View Post
I think it'll be interesting to see what Gillaspie does with this time, but Beckham only just turned 27 and his potential could really spring up anytime.
Uh, I wouldn't really hold my breath, the kid's got nearly 550 games and over 2,000 plate appearances in his career, generally people don't just "find it" at that point. I might be somewhat hopeful if he was showing gradual, steady improvement, but he's generally gotten progressively worse over his career. I guess miracles do happen from time to time (****in magnets, how do they work?) but anybody who expects anything more from Beckham than what we've seen - good glove at 2B, average bat for a middle infielder - I think is going to continue to be dissapointed by him. He is what he is.

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