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This sounds like a good time to include something that I have held back before but because this discussion has turned towards the business aspect of the Sox, what the franchise is or is not doing and the reasoning behind it, I thought I'd mention it.

Some of you might remember in the thread I started on the new show "Sports Talk Live!" on Comcast Sports Chicago that I included a story I was told by an insider about a meeting a few months ago between CSN-Chicago and the owners of the teams that have a stake in that TV channel.

I also gave details about how the person in charge of the CSN web site apologized profusly to JR and admitted that CSN is simply not marketing the Sox very well. Said person, (his name is listed in the other thread) then asked JR if he had any ideas or suggestions for CSN about how they could do a better job with the Sox.

Here is what I was told JR's response to that question was.

"I don't care what you do as long as you make me more money..."

Now on the face of it when I was told that, I was stunned a little because without knowing if there was anymore to it or the context, that sounds pretty hard-core. (i.e. it's only about the business end and that's all I care about)

I thought that JR had changed somewhat over the past 10 years or so, that he wasn't the "shark" that he was earlier when he owned the team. That at least a part of him now cared about winning and the fans even if that meant cutting into the profit margin. Since I was told that comment, and it comes from a person that I trust very, very much, I just don't know anymore.

Maybe Noneck is right and he has continually said, in essence "the leopard (JR) hasn't changed his spots..."

Just thought I'd pass this along. Make of it what you will.

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