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Does Jerry Riensdorf being a two-team owner hurt the Sox, help the Sox or neither? Forbes listed the Bulls value at $800M and their net profit at $34M; they listed the Sox value at $692M and their net profit at $23M. A business ower can decide to pay out profits in the form of a cash dividend or leave profits in the business as retained earnings. Do you think Jerry only lets "Bulls profits" build up/benefit the Bulls and "Sox profits" build up/benefit the Sox? Or do you think Jerry sometimes opts to take his Bulls dividends in cash and pour this personal wealth into the Sox (or vice versa)? I guess we'll never know unless Jerry shows us his tax returns and financial statements. In an ideal world, I'd like to see to see Jerry sell the Bulls and invest $800M of his personal money into making the Sox a world class organization. Unfortunately, his interests are divided and he'll never sell the cash cow that is the Bulls.
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