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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
Really wonder if JR's loyalty, while admirable, is and has been hurting this team because it never allows for true change to take place. By no means am I going to give up on this season after 9 games but there is just something about the lack of action in the offseason that makes a .500 start hard to stomach. We just kind of sat back and reappeared with a slightly worse team than when the regular season ended last year.
This is another great point, as it has been the subject of discussion here before. Reinsdorf does seem to have a hard time cutting ties with people who aren't performing their jobs adequately. On one hand, it's admirable that he's willing to stick with people in spite of their struggles, as even people who are good at their jobs can go through tough times. On the other hand, Reinsdorf's unwillingness to make changes in the structure of the Sox organization has clearly set the team back, perhaps by several years.

Robin Ventura is an obvious improvement over Ozzie Guillen for many reasons: I won't belabor the reasons for this here, as Ozzie is not the subject of this thread, but I will state that most people agree that Guillen should have been fired before the end of 2011. Why wasn't he? Was Reinsdorf unwilling to pay someone not to work for him? Was he reluctant to severe ties with someone who had been such a prominent part of the White Sox 2005 World Championship? The answer is not immediately clear, but Jerry clearly had reservations about making a move, and did not take action until he no longer had a choice.

Loyalty is something of a double-edge sword, as it helps to build the trust and mutual understanding that is required for an organization to function efficiently (or so it would seem). Yet, loyalty can also drive executives to make decisions that are in the best interests of friendship, rather than the best interests of the team.
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