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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
The other nice thing about threads is you are allowed to give dissenting opinions. If you want to disagree with someone's opinion of pants stripes, you can do so. It is not trolling. That's such a bull**** argument. People aren't going to agree on everything. People have differing opinions. This place wouldn't be much fun if everyone agreed on everything in the thread. I've been on boards like that. They are ghost towns.
Yes, but people aren't offering dissenting opinions about the pants, i.e., "I think the new pants look better than the other ones". . . instead, the dissent being expressed is merely to communicate distaste that people are discussing not liking the pants stripe. This thread is no longer a debate about the aesthetic change of the pants, but rather, it has turned into a debate about whether it is okay to have a debate about pants. Very meta.

Dissent on the point at hand, yes, fine. But why bother going into the thread just to tell people that discussing this issue is stupid and trivial? That is different. Better, and more civil, to just ignore the thread altogether, no?