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When you put it in this way, then I understand how you feel about it. Again, it doesn't bug me, marketing or aesthetically. But again, I just don't pay that close attention to it. Neither side of the argument is wrong IMO, but that doesn't mean dissenting opinions can't be respected.
Yeah, I'm sure everyone here has had a bad day or two where it feels like everything's going wrong, but you're able to internalize your frustration until something completely and utterly stupid pushes you over the boiling point. That's basically what's going on here.

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It does not look as good to me either.

Photo credit to
I completely see how some people won't care one way or the other about it, but I honestly cannot fathom how anyone would look at this image and think the Sox made an upgrade. At best, it's a completely pointless and parallel move which begs the question... Why? Why why why???

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