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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Because it's an overall reflection of how the organization is run. I mean, sure a stripe on the side of pants is, by itself, no big deal, but it's just another in a long line of silly mistakes they keep making for no discernable reason. The diamond sock. The Pirates video. Dynamic pricing. Pushing Nancy out. I could go on and on. I guess it boils down to how you think the Sox are overall run as an organization. If you think they're doing a good job overall then yeah, it probably doesn't bug you, and that's fine. But for people who see a consistent series of mistakes, it's maybe just another in a long line.

Oh, and I will also say that I think the stripe does make a difference. I personally think the pants and jersey do look worse with only a black stripe. If you look around the league, most teams that have some kind of stripe or piping running down their pant legs go with more than one color. There's a reason they do that. It just looks better.
When you put it in this way, then I understand how you feel about it. Again, it doesn't bug me, marketing or aesthetically. But again, I just don't pay that close attention to it. Neither side of the argument is wrong IMO, but that doesn't mean dissenting opinions can't be respected.

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