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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Because it's an overall reflection of how the organization is run. I mean, sure a stripe on the side of pants is, by itself, no big deal, but it's just another in a long line of silly mistakes they keep making for no discernable reason. The diamond sock. The Pirates video. Dynamic pricing. Pushing Nancy out. I could go on and on. I guess it boils down to how you think the Sox are overall run as an organization. If you think they're doing a good job overall then yeah, it probably doesn't bug you, and that's fine. But for people who see a consistent series of mistakes, it's maybe just another in a long line.

Oh, and I will also say that I think the stripe does make a difference. I personally think the pants and jersey do look worse with only a black stripe. If you look around the league, most teams that have some kind of stripe or piping running down their pant legs go with more than one color. There's a reason they do that. It just looks better.
100% correct.

And to the snarksters asking "what does marketing have to do with uniform pants?!?!?!111?", the marketing department does not just control advertising, but basically all things relating to the team's image or brand. They are the ones who make uniform decisions because the uniforms are essentially a message they want to convey to the public. Ask any of the market people or designers, and they will throw out buzzwords such as "we feel the black and silver convey a message of tradition yet sleekness..." or some crap like that. Brooks said about eliminating the diamond sock that they felt it was important to increase visibility of the Sox logo to strength their brand. So, yes. Marketing made this decision.

Oh, and "Bah Gawd, King! That's HANGAR's music!"
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