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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Two thoughts...

Gavin Floyd is a mediocre (at best) pitcher.

The Sox offense doesn't remind you of the 27 Yankees or the 75 Reds does it?

I suspect Kittle is pretty close to the truth. This club is going to have trouble scoring runs. To many strikeouts, to many guys left on base (when they do get on base...)

It is what it is.

Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Sox are now 6 for 45 with RISP this season.

Pretty good story talking about Floyd in his six years with the Sox, the entire gamut was on display tonight:,1505728.story

I was talking with a friend tonight about Floyd and I thought the response was pretty spot on, "he'll break your heart..."

Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
Unless his curve ball is really really on, his other stuff isn't good enough to get him through the order 3 times without getting hit.

The Nationals are a very good team with hitters up and down the lineup. Their rotation isn't quite as good as the Giants, however, who can throw 5 really good arms at you. I was hoping to steal one in this series, so we have to take advantage of Haren tomorrow and hope Axelrod can give us 6 good innings.
I was at the game last night (and the night before). Being at the game gives me a different perspective than watching at home. When Floyd started getting into trouble, I just resigned myself to a big inning for the Nats. Folks, we have already seen the high water mark for Floyd. It is quite apparent that he will never get over his biggest weakness, which is a lack of poise and savvy when things get tough. A Nats fan asked me about him after the game. I told him Floyd is one of the top 25 pitchers in the game when things are going well, but near the bottom when things are not. He is who he is. It's folly to expect something more at this point.
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