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Originally Posted by skobabe8 View Post

I'd love to see the exhaustive market study that was conducted that led to this decision. It's just constant TINKERING and MEDDLING. Just stop it.
Originally Posted by Milw View Post
I can't decide what would be worse: If the Sox actually did an exhaustive market study on this issue, or if they didn't and made the changes anyway.
Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
I'll advocate the return of the Diamond Sock before this.
Originally Posted by Milw View Post
It's not a big deal. I didn't notice it myself... But that's kind of the point. Why tinker with something so minuscule that wasn't a problem in the first place?
WHY THE HELL DID THE WHITE SOX DO THIS? The SOX road uniform, with the eventual tweaking of making the Diamond Sock on the sleeve bordered in black to make it stand out, was one the most beautiful AND noticable road uniforms in baseball. The distinctive white/black stripe on the pants AND the jersey, along with the script CHICAGO, made it easy to distinguish the south-siders from every other team on the highlights. The road gray and alternate black jersey are easily 1 and 1A, especially because of the matching stripes.

This move absolutely makes no sense, like when the SoX decided a market study needed to be done in regards to the Diamond Sock patch. This team continues to befuddle and estrange me. The road and alternate were PERFECT. *** is going on at 35th & Shields? you want Branding?
Fix the damn Home uniform. Make it look more like the 59 jersey. Or even the 72 jersey. Put the Diamond Sock on the home. There was nothing more
to be done .......... Change for the sake of change is as ridiculous as doing nothing at all. But when you change and end up Messing up the look and doing more damage ........... well thats White Sox Baseball for you.

My anger here, is that there were 1,089 other things that need Marketings attention, this was very far down the list, and Im quite shocked this was on their "problem" list to begin with
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