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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
A freaking stripe down the pants? Yeah, that's what I'm telling you. I knew there was a stripe, but that's all, because I DIDN'T CARE. I find it amazing that anyone does! Again, it's a freaking stripe down the pants!
Nellie, what you did was border-line trolling, and you won't own up to it. You got called out on it, you're getting pwned here (as the youngsters say), and you won't admit it.

Whether you DIDN'T CARE about the change or not is irrelevant. Numerous people who posted in this thread before you recognized the change, find it interesting, like to know the reason why it happened, and like to comment on it. Good grief, there are entire websites devoted to this kind of stuff (Chris Creamer's Sports Logos) and blogs (Uni-Watch on Scott Reifert made a comment on it in his blog on People follow uniform changes. It's an interesting niche in sports culture. This is a Sox message board. We're allowed to talk about White Sox related items. Uniform changes interest some people.

What you did was come into the thread and say, "meh, who cares." Nobody is saying this is a world-changing event or as important as North Korea aiming missiles at people. It's just an interesting discussion point.

What I'm astounded by is that you're claiming that you couldn't describe the pant stripe that the Sox wore for 22 years and don't pay that much "attention to detail" and "didn't care", yet, in the '83 uniform thread, you seemed pretty damned opinionated and informed on those unis, which they wore for only five years some 30 years ago:

Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
Maybe the belt instead of the wide elastic waist band?
Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
No, I was used to much baggier uniforms from the 50's and 60's. I never liked the skin tight uniforms.

I know I don't like the long pants. And I REALLY don't like that some wear them, some don't. The team should all be the same.

Yeah, the belt was a significant improvement over the wide elastic that looked like a girdle.
You noticed the waist band 30 years ago and found that important enough to comment on, but you didn't notice the pants stripe they wore for the last 20 years and appear to think it's a worthless discussion.

How about this...if you have nothing to add to the thread, perhaps don't butt in and try to piss all over it.