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Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
Unless his curve ball is really really on, his other stuff isn't good enough to get him through the order 3 times without getting hit.

The Nationals are a very good team with hitters up and down the lineup. Their rotation isn't quite as good as the Giants, however, who can throw 5 really good arms at you. I was hoping to steal one in this series, so we have to take advantage of Haren tomorrow and hope Axelrod can give us 6 good innings.
Good post. Floyd defnitely lives and dies with that curve ball. You could tell Floyd didn't have any confidence in it last night because he barely was throwing it in the middle innings.

I am impressed with the balance the Nats have in their lineup. Lots of hitters that go deep in counts and lots of line drive hitters. I realize it is a small sample size but if their pitching holds up, they will be in the thick of the NL playoff race. I feel like the Sox will chase Haren early tonight but my fear is that Axelrod's sub par stuff might get taken advantage of by this Nats offense. I still think Santiago was the better choice for the rotation.
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