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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
There's one thing the both the Stripe-Noticers and the Stripe-Oblivious camps have in common: Neither sees the change as actually improving the look of the uniform. Change for the sake of it, pissing off some fans and making none happier. That's the takeaway.

Score another for the Sox marketing department.
Originally Posted by Milw View Post
I'm right there with you (on the pants thing, the Sock patch is a bigger deal). But if 95% won't notice or care, why piss off the 5% who do? What's the gain?

For me, it's not about the pant stripe: It's about the marketing department doing things just to do them, all the while washing their hands of issues that actually matter, like guest service. The stripe is just symbolic of a larger disconnect between Sox marketing and Sox fans.
My thoughts exactly.