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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I am really lost on this. You are honestly telling me that for 22 years the Sox have worn a pair of grey pants with a black and white stripe down the side, and you have never noticed that, recognized that and would not have been able to recollect that at all? Seriously? You attribute the term "level of detail" to something like that? Ok. I guess my brain works in a different way than yours. Huh.
He said before this thread he couldn't describe the stripe, not that he didn't notice it. reading said something about that earlier, right? And you seem to be taking this quite personally. Some of us don't notice subtle changes like that...and it is a subtle change, no matter what you might think. It's not like they went from black to gray pants. For Christ sakes, it's a stripe on pants. We didn't notice the change. Big deal. Geez...

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