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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Of course, the Sox also haven't really had a worthwhile collection of MiLB prospects since 2000.
And they still don't, at least not at higher levels of their organization. Courtney Hawkins won't be ready for the Major League level for a while, and Keon Barnum is trying to work his way back from a shoulder injury that cost him the majority of his first professional season. He's sidelined for the first four weeks of the minor league season due to an injury suffered in early March. These two young men are the prospects I've heard the most about, and each was drafted only last summer, so it's not clear what either will become.

To add to your earlier point, I also think that this group of fans is frustrated by the number of prospects who haven't panned out as expected, even going back to the late-1990s. Mike Caruso had an excellent rookie season- while hitting directly in front of Frank Thomas- but struggled mightily after that. Mike Cameron was traded for Konerko, although that trade absolutely worked out for the best. James Baldwin? Mike Sirotka? Greg Norton? Chris Singleton?

Jon Garland was an important piece of the rotation, but never became the ace that many hoped he would be. Joe Crede couldn't stay healthy. Aaron Rowand was treated like God on this message board, but never played at God's level. Danny Wright was rarely right. Jon Rauch is remembered more for his leaving a game early. Joe Borchard was a joke. Jeremy Reed and Miguel Olivo were worshiped by a former WSI poster, but did nothing to justify it. Carlos Lee had several good seasons for the Sox, as did Magglio Ordonez, but only they and Paul Konerko came close to meeting their potential.
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