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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I'm sure this is true of all fan bases to some extent, but it seems to be especially true of Sox fans: We criticize the organization for failing to produce young talent, while at the same time we aren't willing to tolerate the growing pains of young players trying to find their way at the major league level.
I wonder if it is because most other teams go through more traditional boom and bust years, so they collect a ton of young talent that advances to the Majors kind of together, they all stink together while they learn the Majors together but then grow together. Whereas the Sox, who are constantly "reloading" without "rebuilding" always seem to be 1-2 players short of a truly exceptional team, so when a 23-year-old LF has a less than amazing season on a team that finished 3 games out of a play-off spot, that seems to stick out a little more. And, of course, when that 23-year-old LF matures a few years and is ready to be more of a centerpiece of the offense, the Sox are plugging a hole somewhere else in the lineup with a young kid whose not quite ready to contribute at the MLB level. So they stay stuck at the 85-win plateau in Baseball Hell.

Of course, the Sox also haven't really had a worthwhile collection of MiLB prospects since 2000.

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