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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
That he doesn't deserve an opportunity is EXACTLY what scouts have said. He hasn't shown anything in the minors that warranted his promotion to a starting role. It played out last year too. He had a negative WAR. That means on offense, a bench player could reasonably be expected to outperform him. People are such fouls for the long ball.

How many organizations would have started (and kept starting) a guy like Viciedo in the middle of a pennant race? He's starting because our system is barren and we've spent a ton of money on him. Not because of anything he's shown in his career thus far.
Looking at fangraphs, Viciedo's WAR last year wasn't negative, it was 0.3. Baseball-Reference had it at 0.9. Carlos Lee, someone I think Viciedo seems to be very similar, posted a .8 WAR his age 23 season, with an even lower walk rate. Guys do get better occassionally. Judging a young Cuban after 6 games this year, in cold weather, is silly.
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