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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I think most of this is fair, I just don't think people realize how bad Viciedo actually is. There are plenty of available better options, even on our roster. DeWayne Wise actually posted a positive WAR as an outfielder last season (which should indicate more conclusively how bad Viciedo really is). Given his tremendous defensive advantage, it makes absolutely no sense why we continue to start Viciedo. Cut you losses already.
Be careful. Wise's WAR was barely positive, and occurred in limited playing time. Although one component of the WAR calculation (replacement level runs) is based on playing time, it's difficult to know how Wise may have fared had he received more playing time with the Yankees and White Sox.

I'll add by saying that Ventura and the rest of the White Sox coaching staff are with the players on a daily basis. Although I don't believe Ventura is infallible, I trust him to do his job competently, and am willing to accept that he may see things in his players that I'm not able to. If he isn't starting Wise over Viciedo, I would imagine he has sufficient reason for not making any changes.
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