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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
This is true. Playing well in the middle of summer only to fade in September doesn't cut it especially when it happens season after season. This only shows the team isn't good enough to weather a 162-game season.

After 2005, many of us fans thought the Sox got over the hump and would really establish a sustained, winning tradition. Unfortunately that didn't happen. What is frustrating is that team-fan relations are still not good. More frustrating is that the club has the ability to put a decent product on the field but not a great one. So the Sox can put up win totals in the mid-80's like they will this year, but can't break into the playoffs even with an additional wild card slot. And with only five playoff appearances in almost 45 years of divisional play, that gets old.
This is the heart of the team's problem. It's not Sox fans' lack of loyalty or ugliness of the ballpark.

Unfortunately, the Sox have been squandering a golden opportunity the last 5 years to really make significant, lasting gains in the Chicago market with the Cubs continuing to flounder on the field and frustration building with fans of the team up North.

IMO, the Sox need to become a consistent playoff team before the Cubs get Wrigley renovations done and climb out their current mess. Sure, I can easily see the Cubs continuing on with more failed promises on the field and Theo just becoming the next in a line of failures (McPhail, Hendry, etc.). But, if the Sox are operating their team as if they can just assume the Cubs will continue to suck forever, then shame on the Sox.
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