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Originally Posted by Carneyman14 View Post
I kind of like the black only piping to go with the black tops. But the black/white stripe needs to come back for the greys....hopefully we didn't scrap the grey tops....
All teams are required to have a home jersey and a gray(ish) road jersey, so they haven't been scrapped.

I don't know what to say. The marketing department has pretty much done everything wrong for the last 30 years. Their only successes were the uniforms and I guess the "Good guys wear black" phrase, but now they are chipping away at the uniforms. Everything else they've done has been failure, and they have been outwardly hostile to fans for much of it. I am surprised that I hadn't heard of this change beforehand.

Considering they weren't clearing out the gray jerseys, it looks like those pants will be paired with the same striped jersey, which will make them look even worse. Brooks has taken his rightful place besides Rob Gallas. The diamond sock patch two years ago and now this. If Brooks sticks around another five years, I'm pretty sure we'll get some garish "focus group approved" uniforms that will look embarassingly dated three months after they debut. But hey, as long as they give us Mullet Night, am I right?
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