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Originally Posted by BigHurt3515 View Post
If the bullpen doesn't implode we win, simple as that. It is nice to see a little offense though. Gives me hope for at least one of the next 2 games.
Peavy's implosion was more to blame tonight than the bullpen's. This loss was similar to the first loss of the season when Floyd continued to give up runs after the Royals got the lead -- and similar to the second loss of the season when Jones continued giving up runs after the Mariners went ahead. The difference in tonight's could-have-won Whtie Sox loss, though, is that for the first time in 2013 tonight the Sox lost a game in which they had once led.

Anytime you lose a game 8-7, you can feel you should have won. Generally, the higher the score in a one-run loss, the more keys to the loss you can find. Viciedo striking out in the first was huge, but at least Gonzalez balked in a run. Not scoring a leadoff double, hurt. Leaving Peavy in to face the Nats order a third time felt like it would cost the game, but suggesting Peavy should have come out of the game before giving up two two-run homers would be second-guessing. Veal's pickoff attempt hurt. Everything the bullpen gave up hurt, which is where this discussion started. But the Nationals' bullpen gave up more runs. The difference was the hole Peavy dug when he couldn't do anything the third time through the order.

The Nationals are one of several National League teams that are probably at least as good as any team in the American League. But every time it looked like the Nats had put the Sox away, the Sox came back. In the end, it was just another tough loss.
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