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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
That he doesn't deserve an opportunity is EXACTLY what scouts have said. He hasn't shown anything in the minors that warranted his promotion to a starting role. It played out last year too.
I am aware of what the scouts have said about him. You did not answer my question: do you believe that their judgement is above reproach?

Originally Posted by blandman
He had a negative WAR. That means on offense, a bench player could reasonably be expected to outperform him.
Yes, I am aware of what a negative WAR represents. What it does not represent is his potential for improvement, which is impossible to gauge simply by crunching numbers.

Originally Posted by blandman
How many organizations would have started (and kept starting) a guy like Viciedo in the middle of a pennant race?
I don't know the answer to this question, but it doesn't matter, as it's not relevant. Viciedo doesn't play for another organization. He plays for the White Sox, it matters only how they use him. You're moving the goalposts again.

Originally Posted by blandman
He's starting because our system is barren and we've spent a ton of money on him. Not because of anything he's shown in his career thus far.
This point I agree with, as it's likely that the Sox would employ a different starting LF if there were a superior player available, either through their farm system or via trade. As I said, if Courtney Hawkins develops as expected (which is by no means a certainty), it's possible that he replaces Viciedo, and Dayan's weaknesses at the plate are no longer an issue where the White Sox are concerned.
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