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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
This is all I'm saying. I'm not asking to be waited on hand and foot. But it would be nice if the ushers flashed a smile now and then, or if the concession workers didn't act like me placing an order was an inconvenience to them. I don't think friendliness is asking too much, but apparently some folks here think it is.
And that's fine, I agree with that, and I'm just saying I was at the last Sox home game, had interactions with several food service workers and had very pleasant experiences with all of them, all of whom I felt promptly filled my order and said "enjoy the game" after I had paid. And I find this happens to me at Sox games consistently, over the course of the hundreds of games I have gone to over the years, I would say the number of poor experiences I've had are very far and few in between, so I don't know, maybe I'm just getting super lucky all the time with the concession stand workers?

Oh yeah, after I caught that foul ball, several ushers come down to my section to check and make sure everyone was OK. Lousy White Sox customer service!!!!

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