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The poor customer service provided by ushers probably won't serve as much of a deterrent to attending White Sox games for season ticket holders or anyone who posts on this board, but it is pretty clear that the White Sox are obviously trying to create a new fan base. If that is the case, the poor customer service provided by the ushers is a huge problem. Those ushers, guest service representatives as the White Sox like to call them, are the face of the organization. A family of four from the suburbs who go to one White Sox game a year aren't going to deal with Brooks, they might deal with Southpaw if they are lucky but they will damn sure interact with the guys who show them where to park, take their ticket, where to sit and give them their food. They are the White Sox frontline so to speak, so for Brooks to sort of dismiss them and say in effect "Well, they aren't really employees and there is a lot of turn over there," it doesn't appreciate the problem. Maybe they aren't really employees (when I was an usher for the White Sox I was not technically an employee of them) and maybe there is a lot of turnover, but they still represent your product. From what I am reading in this thread, it appears that they do a bad job of representing that product. So the White Sox find themselves in a position where they have taken measures to appeal to new fans that alienate traditional fans (the montage) and then won't remedy problems that don't affect traditional fans but could alienate new ones. That seems to fit in with the rest of the organization's philosophy.

Go Sox!!!
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