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Slighthijack- it's kind of funny that grown men spending time posting on a baseball message board would look down their noses at grown men seeking an autograph or keeping a foul ball.

I would NEVER interfere or in any way, get in the way, or take priority over a child getting either one- but I'm still thrilled when I get a foul ball (3 so far- 1 Old Comiskey, 2 new ballpark), and depending on the game/setting- I might keep it, or I might give it to the closest child.

For autographs- I've never been much of a collector- but Rudy Law and Julio Cruz are both very memorable guys on one of the top teams of my "fandom" (2005, 1983, 1993, 2008, 2000, 1977, 1972, 1990- in that order for me)- it would be cool to meet them, shake their hand and say thank you for a great season.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Fulmer, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada
Players that might be or could have trade value:
Abreu, Bummer, Davidson, Fry, A. Garcia, Jones, Sanchez
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