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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Okay, I'm mad. I just saw on TV that Julio Cruz and Rudy Law were at the game and signing autographs today. The appearances were not promoted anywhere to my knowledge. I'd have gone to the game if I would have known they'd be at the game. Why in the world wouldn't you promote their appearances? It reminds me of a game last year when Dick Allen and Rich Gossage had an autograph session before a throwback game, but it wasn't promoted. What's going on here? Do the Sox even have a public relations/marketing department?
Aren't those Sunday autograph sessions supposed to be for kids only? I know today's kids wouldn't have been born while these guys were playing, but I was told they were just for kids. I like collecting the '83 guys autos, but I hate being the creepy dude in a line with a bunch of eight year olds. I asked the Sox on Friday about it....


Thanks for the message. I double-checked with our Guest Relations department, and they confirmed that the pre-game autograph sessions on Sundays are only for kids. You're welcome to stop by and see if they'll let you in line, but I think they're pretty strict on the policy of only allowing kids to get autographs. I wish I was able to help you out, but I hope you have a great time at the game regardless!
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