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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Okay, I'm mad. I just saw on TV that Julio Cruz and Rudy Law were at the game and signing autographs today. The appearances were not promoted anywhere to my knowledge. I'd have gone to the game if I would have known they'd be at the game. Why in the world wouldn't you promote their appearances? It reminds me of a game last year when Dick Allen and Rich Gossage had an autograph session before a throwback game, but it wasn't promoted. What's going on here? Do the Sox even have a public relations/marketing department?
It wasn't promoted well, but it was announced (go to, click on today's date). Honestly, from the Sox perspective, I can kind of see why you wouldn't promote that very hard - I was 3 in 1983 and honestly couldn't care less about their autographs, I'm sure most people my age or younger wouldn't either. They're promoting the Family Sunday concept and the throwbacks and stuff, they don't have unlimited ability to push every little thing when a large portion of fans won't care.

Also, as an aside, looking at future family Sundays it looks like most are going to have autograph sessions by 1983 people, so if you care about that sort of thing, check it out.
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