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My customer service experience on 4/6 was mixed.

-Ordered a cheese quesadilla at the mexican stand in center field just prior to first pitch and had to wait around 10 minutes. The grill did not appear hot enough and the lady making them kept trying to spread the cheese with her hands and smashing it against the griddle to get it to cook. We missed the new intro video and couldn't understand the voiceover. Definitely the low light of the day.

- Irish nachos were good. Plenty of cheese sauce, sour cream, and fresh chives. We waited in line around 4-5 minutes and as soon as we got to the front, the lady behind the counter told us to go to a different line because she had to go. We eventually got her attention as she was talking to some co-workers and she came back and took our order. I'm not sure what happened there, but it was annoying.

- Vienna beef with grilled onions from a field side stand near 127 was excellent. The two ladies working there were busting their asses to get the long line moving quickly. One of the ladies even stopped what she was doing to help a young fan who asked her where the nacho cart was. And the dog didn't disappoint.

- Beers of the Midwest stand was good as always, but I didn't see any large cans of PBR. Has anyone seen PBR?

- No parking problems since I have go-to spots on the street.

- It was too windy.
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