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Went to the game yesterday with the knit bomber hat giveaway. We got to gate 5 a little before noon for a 12:10pm start time. The security guard said that all gates were out of the hats. He said it in a total "deal with it" voice. We knew better and walked down to gate 3 where they had boxes and boxes of hats and calendars. There were 20K available to give away and I doubt attendance was much higher than that. Is it so hard to radio someone at each gate to let them know the inventory situation? A disappointed family went in to gate 5 right after the guard was telling people there were no more available. They could have easily gone to gate 3 and all gotten the very nice giveaway. That is just bad customer service. Gate 4 also had boxes of the hats but no one can go in that way unless they have skybox/suite tickets.
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