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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
I actually don't think he said anything inflammatory. Texas is not a baseball state. It's a football environment, and always has been. The Rangers will never approach the level of notoriety or popularity that the Cowboys have attained. Hamilton's comments may not have been well-received, but they were accurate.

Of course, I wonder if Hamilton took the time to consider that Los Angeles is a baseball city because of the Dodgers, not because of the Angels, who have always been Southern California's second team.
This sums it up. The Rangers are about the 3rd, maybe 4th, most popular team in Texas. Heck, some high school teams probably have more popularity than the Rangers do.

Whatever. Hate Hamilton all you want. I'm not going to worship the guy but he's far from the 'Barry Bonds school of jackassery' territory in my book.
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