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I'm curious why anyone would believe Josh when he says the taunts and insults were so bad? It's his usual MO to make drama drama drama of everything.

I'm sure there was booing, but I wouldn't put it past Josh to overplay the whole deal. He's a tremendous jackass. So is his wife. He was the most popular guy in town and brought all the ill will upon himself.

Never understand why fans boo a former great player? They don't, unless that former great player is a jackass to media, fans, and the organization.

Edit: and his has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with leaving the team in the lurch because he quit chewing tobacco, because his sunglasses wouldn't let him hit, because he gave up caffeine, for throwing his 3B coach under the bus when he was injured on a close play at the plate, for selling his clean & sober story than getting photographed shirtless with women doing body shots off his chest on an annual basis, the list goes on. And on.

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