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Originally Posted by lpneck View Post
I get what you are saying, but they also could easily be 1-4.

As everyone else is saying, today's win was really significant. They basically traded out the win they needed yesterday for the game they should have lost on paper today.

It doesn't seem like game 6 of a 162 game season should be a big game tomorrow, but I feel like it's really important. Win and you are 4-2, have won two straight series and two straight games, and leave town in first place with momentum. Lose and you are 3-3 and feeling like you left wins on the table before you go play the best team in the National League.

The Sox ace needs to do tomorrow what the Mariners ace couldn't today.
Agreed. This was a makeup win for yesterday. After what we endured last year, it should be clear that every game does have meaning and this is a great one to win.

Really happy that Axelrod performed well. He might not be the best pitcher, but having that kind of rotation depth is a luxury that bodes well for the Sox. Having him compete with Quintana for that 5th spot when Danks comes back can only help the team as a whole.
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