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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Not at all. I was simply pointing out that there have been teams who rarely utilized the bunt, but were successful.

I agree, and I think Robin must do what he thinks is right in a particular situation, even if it isn't popular with fans or the media. Be that as it may, one would hope that any manager who chooses to bunt has personnel on his team who are capable of executing the bunt properly. I vaguely remember Ozzie Guillen trying to bunt with Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez during Spring Training of 2004 and cringing, because neither was a particularly good bunter.
I seem to recall at some point Manuel tried to have Thomas bunt during a game. If a manager is having power guys bunt during Spring Training, I have no problem with that. Spring Training is a good time to try crazy ideas because what the hell, if it works maybe it can work in a real game.

Go Sox!!!
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