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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
IMO, park location isn't keeping suburban families away. In fact, I would guess that the parking lots vs. Wrigleyville neighborhood thing evens out for them. Some will be drawn to Wrigleyville's atmosphere while others will find that the parking availability at the Cell is more family friendly. Really, the ultimate problem is that there are just so many more Cubs fans than Sox fans out there. There are plenty of suburban Cubs fans who hardly go to any games because of cost, distance, accessibility, time constraints, etc. They are no different than Sox fans in this regard. But when you have a huge fanbase to begin with that includes a big following from all over the Midwest thanks to years on WGN, the tourist crowd, etc., the Cubs aren't quiet as reliant on getting every suburban fan to come out to a ton of games as the Sox are.
That says it best for me. The tide began to turn in 1967 when the Cubs began their mini revival under Leo Durocher and the Sox hitless wonders couldn't seal the deal. After the 84 season the Cubs really began to pull away and have lapped the Sox many times over in the fan department since then. The Sox haven't helped themselves over the years with one PR and business gaffe after another. Now the situation is such that the Sox have to put out a consistent winner in order to start reversing the situation. They have failed in that regard.
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