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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
By today;s standards, the 1989 A's actually bunted a lot, especially when you consider that this A's team was already into the steroids era.
Beyond Canseco and McGwire, that A's team featured a number of light-hitting players (Carney Lansford, Mike Gallego, Walt Weiss, etc.) who were asked to bunt to move runners over until the A's power came up, so it's not surprising that they bunted a fair amount. Not everyone on that team was cheating, just a select few who've chosen not to talk about the past, unless they stand to profit from it by selling books.

Originally Posted by TDog
I don't have any problem with power hitters bunting in spring training games. Really, that's the sort of thing spring training games are for.
I'm okay with it if a manager actually plans to do it during the regular season and wants each of his players to practice the skill, but Ozzie never asked either man to do so in a regular season game, partly because neither could stay in the lineup.
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