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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
You probably aren't suggesting that Tony LaRussa disdained bunting. It's true that that A's team in 1989 was credited with fewer sacrfices than Felix Fermin and most of the teams in the American League that year. But the 1989 A's ended up with 50 percent more bunts than the 2012 White Sox.
Not at all. I was simply pointing out that there have been teams who rarely utilized the bunt, but were successful.

Originally Posted by TDog
Most managers bunt more than their teams' fans would like. But managers are in a position where they do what they believe they need to do to win, regardless of abstract theory. I think that's what Ventura was saying in the article.
I agree, and I think Robin must do what he thinks is right in a particular situation, even if it isn't popular with fans or the media. Be that as it may, one would hope that any manager who chooses to bunt has personnel on his team who are capable of executing the bunt properly. I vaguely remember Ozzie Guillen trying to bunt with Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez during Spring Training of 2004 and cringing, because neither was a particularly good bunter.
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