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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
Unfortunate, but that's just the way it goes. Guys who pitch backwards seem to give Viciedo the biggest problems.
Tank looked especially antsy at the plate yesterday. He was swinging at everything, and I mean everything. More so than his normal aggression at the plate. I think his approach was just much worse against Guthrie than what he had against Santana and Shields.

Originally Posted by asindc View Post
BTW, Guthrie has a 2.12 ERA in his last 12 starts, which include starts against LAAAA, Texas, and 3 against Detroit. Maybe the guy has finally figured it out.
It's odd because when you watch Guthrie pitch, it just doesn't seem like he should be dominating. However, I think his secret is that he changes speeds and his pitches have just enough late movement on them to miss the sweet spot of the bat. Axelrod should watch Guthrie closely because that is the model he is going to have to use in order to get MLB hitters out on a regular basis. I really hope that next time against Guthrie that Robin starts more of the bench guys like Angel Sanchez and Conor Gillaspie. It's time to see if some new blood can have success against him. We have already more than established that our regular guys have very little success against him.
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