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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Mcgrath was on Chicago Tonight last September and was asked by the host Why didn't the White Sox draw a better attendance in 2012?. Mcgrath said the "White Sox fans in the suburbs didn't want to come down to the dangerous Southside of Chicago. With all the shootings the Southside had last year, they were afraid to come there." Mcgrath is a lifelong Southsider and a Principal (Leo High School?) and knows the City of Chicago and the Southside as well as anybody. Tourists prefer going to Wrigley Field as opposed to the Cell. If the Cell had been built in a better area, the White Sox would draw more tourists than what they do now.I've gone to both Comiskey Park and the Cell during my lifetime at least a thousand times and never had any trouble in the area. Fact is, the area around the Cell has a perception of it being in a bad neighborhood in alot of peoples minds. And I still believe the White Sox will try to get another stadium in the Chicagoland area when the present lease at the Cell expires.
That's definitely part of it, but it doesn't tell the whole story. The White Sox were one of the top draws in the American League for most of the early 90s even though the city was FAR MORE dangerous back then than it is now. The difference is the Sox of the early 90s were good and exciting to watch and the team had some real starpower as opposed to Sox teams of recent vintage that have been, frankly, mediocre with no real "must-see" players.

There are plenty of things wrong with the Cell; it has a repuation for being ugly and soulless, the neighborhood around the park may not be as dangerous as some perceive it to be, but it's still a really ****ing boring place, but most importantly: THE SOX HAVEN'T BEEN VERY GOOD. The reality is for almost every team in the league, you have to win consistently to draw well at the gate. Someone pointed at the Angels as a model for a team that doesn't need a central location in their metro area and can rely heavily on suburban folks in their cars to pack the park... The Angels also went to the playoffs 6 times in an 8 year span from 2002-2009. They've missed the playoffs three seasons in a row now and their attendance has steadily decreased each of those three seasons.

We'll see how things look when the Cell's lease expires; gentrificaton is slowly making it's way south along the lakefront and the Red Line... Who knows what the area will look like in another 10-15 years? That said, I do think the Sox might consider a move, as well, but it would probably just be a mile or two north, either into the South Loop or the new Motor Row Entertainment district the city is trying to develop in the S. Michigan Ave. corridor near McCormick Place... I sincerely doubt a move to the suburbs will happen; Rosemont tried to give the Cubs millions of dollars of free land and they didn't bite, it's just never going to be a realistic option.

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