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Originally Posted by skobabe8 View Post
Interesting idea. Was this ever discussed or are you just spit balling?
I've got no inside information. We threw this at the wall a couple of years ago. I'm giving an example of an outfit, from everything I've read and heard, is a first-class operation in the way it is run from entry-level training to cleanliness standards to customer service. They have a zero-tolerance policy in the back regarding service and cleanliness.

It's not even about serving a better tasting hotdog at this point. The food is almost secondary. A hotdog will taste good at a game if it's served warm, quickly and with a smile.

There's something broken with the system, and what Dump alludes to is interesting. Sportservice clearly struggles with training and managing the people put in these positions, and whether it's a socio-economic problem or not, it has been a consistent problem. For example, I'd be curious to know if each stand has a "manager" overseeing what's happening. It appears that each stand is an island unto itself with nobody specfically in charge, and that creates some of the chaos that you see. The lack of QA/QC towards the end of the season is appauling. I generally don't even buy food at the park anymore. I stop at Jimmy John's on 35th Street after getting off the train.

That's why I think it is humorous that there is focus on entirely trivial things that don't need revisions like scoreboard videos and uniform patches. The Sox are leaving money on the table with the bad concession service, and this is has been known for years. There's no reason to go to a game in September and spend six dollars on a hot pretzel and receive something that is literally ice cold and stale.

But, getting back to the Portillos idea, it doesn't have to be Portillos. It could be Levy taking over everything in the park or perhaps something out of the box like the Lettuce Group. I don't know if they'd even be interested in something like that.
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