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Default Last, But Not Least

Anybody who thinks the location of a stadium doesn't make a difference in attendance is kidding themselves. For years I've asked numerous people the following question: If Wrigley Field was located at 35th + Shields, would the Cubs franchise be as popular as it is? I've never had one person answer yes. It seems to me as if the White Sox are back to drawing around 2 million people a year. i don't think that's such a bad number when you consider the fact that the overwhelming majority of the White Sox attendance comes from somewhere thats not from the Southside of Chicago. Many years ago, the White Sox fan base came from the neighborhoods of the Southside of Chicago. That's simply not the case anymore. If the Cell had been built in a location closer to their fan base, the White Sox would be drawing more people. Since they made some adjustments at the Cell a few years ago, its really a beautiful park. Its a shame it was built where its at.
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