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OK, I've just got back from my second game of the year and I'll try to throw some positives into this thread on the ballpark experience this year.

1. There seemed to be a lot less noise and announcements between inning more than a few times, the inning would end and the organist would play over crowd shots on the scoreboard. It was kind of laid back and relaxing for an afternoon game. AND... No stupid on top of the dugout dance contests! Cripe it always looked like they scoured every bad Irish wedding reception seeking out the male talent for those things.

2. Speaking of the organist, kudos to her for taking some time in the off season and learning some current pop hits. That was Nancy's trademark and it was nice to hear her pick it up.

3. I know this will sound a little snobbish, but service in the Club Level was Jimmy John like today. Before I got change back for my beer the beer had arrived.

4. God help me, the new intro didn't look half bad. Still don't think the over the top dramatic reading will hold up to repeated viewing, but it wasn't awful.

5. I know it's year 3 for this, but the view of that Grand Staircase exiting gate 5 during the day, that frames the skyline is the coolest sight in the park.

6. There does seem to be an increasing number of stands that are taking debit, credit and gift cards.

Now my one negative for the day. The park needs a good bath. Coming up on the Gate 5 escalator, there was a big pile of cans and glasses that were sitting on a ledge half way up. The doors leading into the park from the ramps looked like they were cleaned with oily rags. Just a bunch of little neglected bits around the park looked like they were missed in the preseason walk around.

Also, one other thing. Took Metra in and noticed that the mural that was unveiled with much fanfare underneath the 35th Street Metra viaduct celebrating Black baseball is gone. Anybody know what happened to it?
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