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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
My experiences are far closer to yours than Mr. Dump's. Mostly with the security, traffic management, ticket takers than with any particular vendors though.

I look at those as 2 separate things. The vendors are generally pretty friendly because they are working for tips. Everyone else who is not expecting a tip is generally kind of a prick.
My interaction with ticket takers is usually less than three seconds long, so I can't say they've been rude to me. In my very limited interactions with security, I've never had any problems. When I had parking coupons, they took my coupon and directed me to the aisle I was to park my car in, so no complaints there.

Originally Posted by Milw View Post
The vendors are generally more cordial, but they tend to be incompetent (or at least painfully slow), which kind of sours the transaction. (EDIT: By vendors, I was thinking the concession workers. You're right, the guys walking the seats are great.)
I have found the concession workers to be extremely friendly and helpful. They take my order right away, get the food as soon as the order-taking is complete, take my money and give back change right away. Ok, they don't follow me to my seat to wipe off my face with a napkin if I get some mustard on it, but I'm a big boy who can take care of himself. The only time there have been slow-downs is when everyone in the park seems to want something from the same counter at the same time. I never go to the concession stands during the First Inning, that is when everyone remembers they're hungry.

Maybe you're thinking of movie theater concession stand workers?

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