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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
First off, false. He is under contract for another year.

This should be filed as example 1 in the Munchman dictionary of sensationalism. The Sox are OPTIMISTICALLY favored to not be good? What the **** does that even mean? This team won 85 games last year, and only its collapse allowed the GREATEST TEAM EVARRRR to make the playoffs, and it is optimistic for people to think the team will be bad? If optimistic people think the team will be bad, what are pessimistic people thinking? Worse than the Astros?!

What's wrong with you? You are apparently doing an impression of Jay Mariotti. Right down to getting belligerent when people question your outlansish claims.

Nobody is arguing that he is not unlikely to be fired. That being said, Detroit fans have more than had their fill with him, and the blame for them missing the playoffs last year, which they would have had the Sox not fallen apart, would have fallen on his shoulders. He has seemed aloof and like he doesn't really care to keep managing at times. SO... if the Tigers were to get off to a terrible start for whatever reason, it wouldn't be implausible he would say "**** it" and retire, or even that Detroit and its colossal payroll would think he wasn't the guy for the job. Not likely, but not unimaginable.

This should be filed as example 2 in the Munchman dictionary of sensationalism. Set aside the fact that the Tigers aren't even close to being thise once-in-a-decade powerhouse you proclaim them to be. Some VERY talented teams throughout history have done faceplants. The Red Sox in 2011 were picked by pretty much everyone to win the World Series, and we know how that turned out. The White Sox won 99, 90, and 89 games in 05, 06, and 08 respetively, but everything went wrong in 2007 and they won 72. That year was clearly an outlier in retrospect. The 2008 Tigers were the team to beat in the Central, and the finished in last place. Nobody here is predicting the Tigers to finish in last, but claiming that it would be a one-in-several-hundred-million chance, so essentially the greatest failure in baseball history, is absurd.

Please present instances of an acclaimed rookie manager who gave up in the middle of year two.

Once again, completely false, but please present instances of a manager quitting midseason just because they were in a contract year. And don't say Jim Riggelman because he was pissed that his contract wasn't going to be renewed.

Munch, if the team is so terrible and riddled with flaws, why would he get fired?! Unless you think he will become enraged at the team's supposed lack of talent and storm off, the only option is him being fired. And since nobody is proclaiming the Sox division favorites or declaring "playoffs or bust", the only way Robin gets fired this year is if he exposes himself to a female coworker or pulls a Mel Gibson.

You have demonstrated in the past that you have an agenda. And if anyone else were to post that Robin would leave, 1) we'd give them the benefit of the doubt, and 2) they would proclaim it was just a crazy hunch and not offer up absurdities to back up their position and claim that their hunch was at all likely.
The Sox are not favored to be good. They won 85 games last year. They aren't many (or any that I can find) that predict them to even do that well this year.

Between Robin outright talking about walking away and the chances of being fired, I don't see why you're attacking me.

Managers dealt bad hands get fired every year. Managers get fired in year two all the time.

I thought this was Robin's last year. Am I wrong on this?

The Tigers are a once in a generation type of team. They have the best pitcher in baseball, the best hitter in baseball, and the best left handed hitter in baseball. They've got one of the three best 1-5 rotations in baseball (probably the best). You can think that's not true all you want, but there are plenty more people that do see it that way. Baseball people, mostly. Yeah, they might be wrong. But are they wrong enough for Leyland to get fired? That's a phenomenal stretch on your part. I'm not taking that bet.

I don't see what our records in previous years have to do with the 2013 Tigers.

There is zero reason I should be attacked for predicting, and this is a prediction COMPETITION thread, that a manager in Robin's position could go first. And it's even more laughable when there's evidence of actual ridiculousness afoot.

edit: I'm really tired of hearing the agenda angle, and OH if it were another poster...bull****. Whether its a sox thread or a bulls thread or whatever, any negativity from any poster is being met with such outright homer-ism lately its childish. Learn to discuss instead of attack. The problem isn't the negative ideas. It's the way you're incapable of processing them.

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