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I had an awful bout with the flu earlier this week and was unable to attend the home opener. Watching this video on Monday made me feel even worse.

From all the surveys that we keep getting from the team it is obvious they are always looking at ways to improve the "fan experience" at the ballpark. I'm pretty sure nobody mentioned the opening video montage with the Pirates of the Carribbean music as being something that they felt needed to be tweaked or even scrapped. As someone else said even casual observers can get into that video. Hearing that music and seeing the know it's gametime.

Hell, my cousin's husband is a Twins fan and he even loved that old intro when they were in town for a game.

If they want to use this Saliva lip sync thing during the pregame before rolling out the old into, that's fine. I will plug my ears and go grab a Walking Taco or something.
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