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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGal85 View Post
This is why the Sox (or anyone, for that matter) cannot, ever, make everyone happy. I think the pie campaign is funny; I just LOLed at the extended version.

I wouldn't want to work in marketing - it's gotta be difficult to NOT piss someone off.
I agree with you on the pie campaign/commercial, I also think it is funny. I haven't seen the extended version yet but will definitely make it a point to go and watch it.

My only concern (being the Mom that I am) is related to one of the Sox players getting accidentally injured from getting hit with too much whipped cream in the eye, particularly Adam or Paulie whose vision is key to their ability to see the ball and hit it. Other than that, it appeared to me that the Sox players were having fun, especially Reed, Sale, and Flowers.

And to your point about not wanting to work in marketing: I agree. I get that the Sox are trying to reach out to a younger age group of fans and perhaps that is the goal of these new videos. However, as a huge fan of the "Pirates Carib Intro Montage", I am very disappointed to learn that it has been discarded and is no longer part of the White Sox Baseball/Park Experience. I loved that Sox Opening Montage.
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